The Jeanne Crocker Futures Scholarship is open to graduates of South Portland High School Classes of 2015, 2014, and 2013.

Detailed information about this scholarship is found here

Jeanne Crocker

The selection process is going to take place in 2 stages. The first stage is to log into your profile at and:

•    Verify the demographic info in the Basic Info, Additional Info, Schools and GPA sections of the profile

•    Enter an Activity (or Activities)using the Activity type of 'Community Service Activities' that you want us to use to determine the quality and quantity of your community service.

•    Enter a Reference that supports your community service under the Transcripts and & References section of the profile.

•    In the Essays section answer both essay questions (note: you may need to delete your high school essays first).

•    Search for the Jeanne Crocker Futures award scholarship under the 'My Scholarships' section of the profile.

•    Submit the Application by June 30, 2016.

Stage 2 will take place in early July where the scholarship subcommittee will review applicants and choose semifinalists who will be emailed with requests to submit a transcript of the 2015/16 school year and to submit financial information. Only semifinalists need to submit these documents.

Please feel welcomed to email or call with any follow up questions.


Class of 2016 Dollars for Scholars Scholarship Application is Closed


Since 2008 South Portland High School Seniors have been awarded $187,400 in scholarships from South Portland High School Dollars for Scholars. This year's application closed on May 1st. We will be awarding 25 scholarships of $500 each and other awards as funds allow to be given out at Senior Assembly on June 3rd.





The minimum requirements for your Dollars for Scholars chapter scholarship:

  1. Go to  and click on the Students and Parents link.
  2. Click the 'Click to Login' button at the top of the page and create your profile. Make sure that you select  the correct school when you create your profile. (Tip: Look for South Portland High School using  Zip Code of 04106, Cape Elizabeth students use 04107). You will need an email address. There are multiple scholarships available and you only need to fill out the profile questions once to apply for your matching scholarships.
  3. Follow directions to set up a User Login and Password.
  4. Fill in all required fields (marked with **) in the Basic Info, Additional Info, Schools and GPA sections of Profile.
  5. If you are not yet 18 years old you will need to fill out the Parent/Guardian Info section and your parent must respond to the email sent to him/her.
  6. The Essay questions are not mandatory but are being used to determine who will receive the $500 SPHS Dollars for Scholars chapter awards and the SP/CE Community Chamber of Commerce $600/yr for 4 year award. You are strongly encouraged to take time to thoughtfully complete the 2 Essays. If you submit the application without essay answers you may get a smaller amount as an award if funds allow. 
  7. Search for your eligible scholarships under the 'My Scholarship' section.
  8. Click the 'Submit' the application key. (If your parent has not responded the key will not be active. Log back into to submit the application after parent has responded to sent email.)


The scholarship process is not finished until you see the scholarship listed under the Submitted Application section of My Scholarships!!! You will receive an email from Scholarship America confirming that you have successfully submitted the scholarship.

Questions can be directed to Students can also use the gray 'Support' key on the side of the screen to enter a question and Scholarship America will respond via email.


Scholarships available for 2016:


South Portland High School Dollars for Scholars Scholarship - 25 scholarships of $500 each will be awarding to students who complete the application and submit essay questions (both the "Goals and Aspirations" and the "Unusual Circumstances" essays will be considered) that show the student is serious and realistic about his/her postsecondary education. Additional scholarships will be awarded as funds allow. 


South Portland/Cape Elizabeth Community Chamber of Commerce Scholarship - 1 scholarship of $2,400 (paid as $600 a year for 4 years) will be awarded to a deserving South Portland High School student  and 1 to a Cape Elizabeth High School student who considers his/her education an important means of preparing for a successful future. Both the Goals and Aspirations and Unusual Circumstances Essays (found in the Essays section of the Profile) will be used to judge who will receive the scholarship. The minimum requirements for this scholarship are:

  1. Compete your Dollars for Scholars profile.
  2. Under Essays section of the Profile answer both the Goals and Aspirations and Unusual Circumstances essays.


Paul F. Ferguson Boys Lacrosse Scholarship - 2 scholarships of $500 each will be given to graduating seniors who participated on the South Portland High School Boys Lacrosse team and best match the following criteria:

  1. Played High School Lacrosse for a minimum of 2 years - make sure to enter your Lacrosse participation in the Activities section of the Profile.
  2. Maintained athletic eligibility for each year they play lacrosse
  3. Participated in lacrosse fundraising activities
  4. Participated in team activities
  5. Participated in volunteer/community service verified by adult reference. Enter the reference contact information in the References/Transcripts section of the Profile. Your reference must respond to an email sent asking for the reference.
  6. Must be a attending a post-secondary institution full time
  7. Essay question submitted describing something student did while being a player on the SPHS Lacrosse team that made a difference on the field, off the field and/or in the community. Use the Goals and Aspiration Essay in Essay section of the Profile.
  8. A recommendation from a SPHS faculty member. Enter the reference contact information in the References/Transcripts section of the Profile.


Downloadable PDF Reference Guides:

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